• Special Education 

    Special education is a set of services -- including specially designed instruction, related services , supplemental aids and supports, and transition services -- that children with disabilities ages 3-21 have a right to receive to meet their individualized needs.

    The delivery of special education services is governed by the federal law called IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act). If your child has a disability, s/he may have many rights under the IDEA. S/He may also be entitled to accommodations or services under another disability law known as Section 504

    Referral forms and any required policies, procedures,evaluations, plans, and reports are readily available to the parents and other members of the public through the district’s special education office or the office of the superintendent. Please contact the Student Services at 678-8770 or the district office at 509-678-8630 with any questions.

    Child Find

    One of the most important responsibilities you have as a parent is to make sure that your child has what he/she needs. That goes beyond love, food and clothing. Approximately ten percent of all children have some special need that requires special attention. If you think your child (birth through 21) has difficulty seeing or hearing, has communication or diagnosed health problems, has difficulty learning or playing, help is as close as your Student Services Office at your local school district. Parents with children in private schools and/or parochial schools, or anyone knowing of a child who is highly mobile, homeless, migrant or living in temporary housing should contact their closest school district in which they reside for Child Find information.

    Child Find is a process of locating children who will need special services in order to experience success in school. Schools and community agencies work together to provide these services. If you know a child that may need help, and you live in the Highland School District, please call Courtney Sund at 678-8772. Child Find is free to parents.

    Child Find 

    Una de las responsabilidades más importantes que tiene como padre es asegurarse de que su hijo tenga lo que necesita. Eso va más allá del amor, la comida y la ropa. Aproximadamente el diez por ciento de todos los niños tienen alguna necesidad especial que requiere atención especial. Si cree que su hijo (del nacimiento hasta los 21 años) tiene dificultades para ver o escuchar, tiene problemas de comunicación o problemas de salud diagnosticados, tiene dificultades para aprender o jugar, la ayuda está tan cerca como su Oficina de Servicios Estudiantiles en su distrito escolar local. Los padres con hijos en escuelas privadas y/o escuelas parroquiales, o cualquier persona que tenga conocimiento de un niño con alta movilidad, personas desamparadas, migrantes o que viven en una vivienda temporal deben comunicarse con el distrito escolar más cercano en el que residen para obtener información sobre Child Find.

    Child Find es un proceso de localización de niños que necesitarán servicios especiales para tener éxito en la escuela. Las escuelas y las agencias comunitarias trabajan juntas para proveer estos servicios. Si conoce a un niño que pueda necesitar ayuda y vive en el Distrito Escolar de Highland, llame a Courtney Sund   al 678-8772. Child Find es gratis para los padres.

  • Highland Student Services

    The Student Services Office can be reached by

    Phone:  509-678-8770

    E-mail at SSO@highland.wednet.edu.

    Fax:  509-678-4006