• Social Emotional Learning 


    Tieton Intermediate School uses Second Step as our Social Emotional Learning curriculum.  The programs help children learn social-emotional skills such as responsible decision-making, working together to solve problems, managing strong emotions, and getting along with others. These skills can help children succeed academically and socially.

    More information about the program can be found at https://www.secondstep.org/families


  • Health and Sexual Education


    To ensure they receive the most accurate and helpful information, Tieton Intermediate School will be using the FLASH curriculum.  The curriculum not only covers topics such as puberty, the reproductive system, and pregnancy but also teaches valuable skills for respectful communication and building healthy relationships.  Additionally, it provides important information about preventing sexual abuse, which is crucial for our students’ safety and well-being.

    FLASH respects the values families have about relationships and sexual health topics. When students ask questions about values, FLASH instructs teachers to: answer the factual part of the question, let them know that people have many different values about the topic, and send students to their families to learn their specific values. FLASH also has Family Homework assignments, so students can talk with a family member about the topics covered in class. Students are never asked to share what they talk about with their family. We hope this will provide a meaningful opportunity for you to talk together. 

    A letter will be sent home to parents and guardians of students to give them the choice to opt thier child out of certain FLASH lessons or they can choose to exclude them from all the lessons.  

  • 4th Grade Lessons:

    1: Introduction 

    3: Self-Esteem

    4: Gender Roles

    5: Friendship

    11: Puberty Day 1 

    12: Puberty Day 2

    5th Grade Lessons:

    1: Introduction

    7: Consent and Bystander Skills

    8: Reporting Sexual Abuse

    9: Reproductive System Day 1

    10: Reproductive System Day 2

    13: Pregnancy

    14: Intro to HIV

    15: Saying No