• Hello families!

    My name is Kendyl Preston and this is my first year as a counselor at TIS. While it is my first year being a counselor here, I am not new to Highland. I went to Highland for my entire education, K-12, and have had many of the same teachers/administrators as students today. After I graduated, I worked for the 21st Century program at MWC and TIS. I went to YVC and then transferred to a school in southern Oregon to complete my bachelor’s in psychology. I’m currently enrolled in a master’s program online to further my education. I gained my experience at Comprehensive Healthcare here in Yakima, working with kids and their families, providing counseling services and behavior interventions.

    What is my role?

    I will be teaching our students about their emotions, skills to handle tough situations, how to navigate friendships and conflicts, problem solving and more, based off a curriculum called Second Step.

    Small groups will also be running throughout the day. Students who need extra support with social skills, friendships, anxiety, emotion regulation, and anything else that would be best addressed in a group setting. With the recent changes to our school and community, new groups could be added.

    I’m also available to speak to the students on an individual level. Students can meet with me regularly for on-going support, or as needed as things come up. I’m meant to a be a support to students and their families regarding social-emotion concerns as well as academic.

    My goal is to be a safe space for your student and look at them for the unique individual they are. I want to help your child recognize their strengths and use those strengths to be successful across the board, starting with their education.