Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Spanish MA in Education P.E. and Health endorsed ESL endorsed Certified Counselor

Ms. Carlson

My name is Amy Carlson. I have been a teacher since 2016, currently teaching High School Spanish and ESL classes. I have experience teaching elementary grades in United States and internationally in Guadalajara, Mexico. In Guadalajara, I conducted all course work in English with students who had never heard English before or had minimal language skills. I taught first and second grade through book work, art, music, and skits that they performed in front of the entire school and their families throughout the school year. The children and families were grateful and inspired to take part in their child's learning. I also tutored and gave extra classes after school for those who desired to attend, almost every student attended these classes!

Before becoming an educator, I had a wonderful opportunity to study Spanish abroad for one and half years. During this time I obtained my BA in Spanish. I had limited Spanish-speaking skills, which made it a daily struggle. With perseverance, love and curiosity of the culture, and the embracement from the locals and my host family I was able to fall in love with the language and a new way of living. I adapted to an unfamiliar environment and embraced cultural differences. I built interpersonal relationships with other students all over the world. I stay in great contact with all of them still and we even travel together when our schedules permit us. By being immersed in the Spanish language and culture I improved my language skills and in return my confidence and independence grew. I traveled, I volunteered in orphanages in different cities, and remained open and willing to help where I was needed. Upon my return to United States, I enrolled at Heritage University to obtain my MA in Education. 

These experiences have molded me into who I am currently, a Spanish and ESL teacher. (Who loves to travel to new places.) My students are always asking where I will be traveling to during vacations. After returning from vacation, I use my experiences to develop the following lesson plans and they love it. My abroad opportunities help me create a warm and inviting classroom. They have assisted me in becoming a significant role model and educator for my second language learners. I can share my difficulties of learning a language and achievements with my students. This helps me build relationships and motivate student learning. I truly enjoy celebrating their daily success with them.